Ecole de conduite Montreal Simon C Trans Canada has been a great learning experience. Everybody there has humor! I learned many techniques from my  instructor Mr.Chérif, everything from starting the car to parking the car. TransCanada is always busy, yet they can  keep up because they are hard working. The theory classes were always interesting, with personal expericences that  help you remember the things learnt. Thank you to everybody who works at the TransCanada Institute!!!  

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Jennifer Harms

I felt although I needed more practice than I initially thought I would, it was all time well spent Mr. Ferhet was  through and listened carefully to all my concerns and questions. It was a nice bonus to be driving such a new and  clean truck.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Daniela-Ionela Boca

Les enseignants ont été toujours très aimables, et prêts à aider. Ils ont été très ponctuels. J`ai senti une réelle améliorations pendant les classes de conduite. Maintenant je me sens prête à conduire seule.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Salva

J’ai beaucoup aimé apprendre chez Trans-Canada, les voitures son nouvelles et en bonne conditions et mon professeur Mr. Cherif étais toujour a temps. Les techniques son très facile a comprendre. Une  merveilleuse  place pour apprendre a conduire. Je dirai que c`est la meilleurs école en montréal. Merci beaucoup

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Nicolae Gutu

Je crois que les services reçus au sein de votre école sont de grande qualité. Je pense que l’instructeur est un bon professionnel, compétent et responsable. Pendant le cours, il m’a donné des explications claires et il m’a fait les commentaires appropriés. J’ai combiné mes efforts avec la possibilité d’étudier et de pratiquer à votre école de conduite. En effet, j’ai réussi  avec success l’examen pour le permis de première classe.  

Ecole de conduite Montreal Lavrentiu Adrian

In January 2000 I have got the class 1 licence, I drove for 2 years, long load to US. In January I came here to Quebec, the Quebec licence was expired, so I had to do some practice before going to the  exam. Now I can say, I drive better than before. I improved a lot my driving with Trans-Canada. And this is possible  because they have the best teacher and a new truck.

Ecole de conduite Montreal Francesco V. Guerriero

Dear Transcanada Driving School, As a recent student at your driving school, I would like to thank you for your  professional service and training in helping me upgrade my class 5 driving permit to a class 2. I especially want to give special mention to your driving instructor, Mr. Ferhet who was instrumental in my success.  He was extremely courteous and professional at all times and he was always on time for our lessons. I would gladly recommend Transcanada Driving School to anyone thinking of upgrading their permit or even if they  were learning to drive for the very first time. My experience with you was pleasant and rewarding above all. Keep up the great work! Sincerely,

Ecole de conduite Montreal Francis Ngalula

Francis Ngalula L’école m’a donné tous les cours et surtout toutes les techniques pour reussir. Les profs sont tres  professionels, patients, a l’ecole et toujours disposes. Ponctuels et toujours prets a aider. Mon moniteur est le meilleur a Montreal. Je recommende cette ecole a tous. J’ai eu mon permis la premiere fois.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal J-F St.Pierre

I would like to thank the school and especially Fred, my teacher. He is a good man, polite and knows what he’s  talking about behind the wheel and techniques which I recommend. I went for my class 2 and passed my exams all on  my first try. For reasonable rates, if you need to practice or know something behind the wheel, they are there for you  and flexible till you get it right! Thanks TransCanada institute.–J-F St.Pierre

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Marcus

Transcanada Driving institute is one of the most transformational driving school in Quebec. their motto is absolute  learning.I would like to thank my instructor Ferhet who has transcended beyond my expectation and in my eyes Mr.  Ferhet you are a professor. Your teaching is impeccable your patient to your students is phenomenal. You invested 15  training hours in me and now i know the entire anatomy of air brakes system and driving Trucks. Thank you marcus.   Ecole de Conduite Montreal

 Branko Kesic

I recently passed my Class 1 exam. I took my classes with the school Transcanada. Mr Ferhet was my teacher. Note that I had never driven a truck before. He took the time and had the patience to  really inform me of everything in detail. I would recommend this school and especially Mr. Ferhet as a teacher.  Driving a truck is not as easy as people may think and Mr. Ferhet makes you feel comfortable and this allows you to  learn quickly and effectively. Thank you Mr.Ferhet for your time and patience, Ecole de Conduite Montreal


I chose Trans-Canada Driving Institute since it offers the best quality/price ratio comparing with other driving  schools, one of the lowest for courses cost as well as the best as to what regards driving teaching techniques. The  office is cozy, and very clean, the staff is very flexible and polite. Mr Cherif, the driving instructor is as seasoned,  professional as very dedicated to his students’ success. All Trans-Canada vehicles are clean and in good order. I would strongly recommend this school based on all its high standards to all people interested in getting a driver license with ease.  

Ecole de Conduite Montreal OMAR ZEMORI

A l’ attention de mr farhat les lecons de conduite prises au sein de votre ecole ont ete tres benifique et surtout tres  appresies par l examenatreur qui a ete suprise par la bonne technique que vous employer pour la reussite de vos  condidat. je vous remercie beaucoup pour l aide et le serieux de vous approntissages. je vous souhaite bonne continuation et beaucoup de reussitte dans votre noble taches.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Amato Rossi

I was very pleased to have Fred as my instructor. I felt very confident in what I was being thought. Very satisfied with my results plus I am glad to recommend Trans-Canada Driving School to other people.

Ecole de Conduite MOntreal Merci Beaucoup

Très bonne école, nouveau camion et mon professeur Mr. Fred étais très gentile. Je étais venu d`une autre école, mais  Trans-Canada et beaucoup plus professionel. Les techniques son très bon et très facile. Je recommende Trans-Canada  a tous le monde, graçe a Trans-Canada j`ai eu mon permit la première fois. Merci Beaucoup  

Ecole de Conduite MOntreal Luan

My name is Luan i chose to become a truck driver bicause of the employment apportunities on this growing industry.  At trans canada truck driving training the intructor and staft are excellent,very frendly and professional.So if you are  an ambitiosperson ho is looking for acareer in truck driving and wont to learn how to drive,trans canada is your key.

Ecole Trans Canada Gata Cristian

I am glad with Trans-Canada, the staff was very professional.Monitor was very very good. Techniques were easy to pickup and understand. Monitor was always on time. My experience with Trans-Canada was excellent. I got my licence the first time. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Ovidiu

I’m really happy for my class 1 driving licence test succedet from first try and I want to thanks Trans Canada staff and specialy to my teacher Mr. Fred, a men dedicated to his work polite, calm and always on time. The truck is very good and you have to be confident, you will pass.  

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Madina

Bonjour, Tous ce que je veux dire, c’est que Trans-Canada est la meilleur des meilleurs école de conduite en Montreal. Je suis allé juste pour apprendre la conduite comme le fun, mais c’étais une des plus merveilleuse expérience de ma vie. Je recommenderai Trans-Canada a tous le monde. Merci Trans-Canada,  

 Mohammad Charif

Je suis très heureux de ma reussite la première fois pour class 1, parce-que je suis très satisfais avec lìnstitution. Le personnel de Trans-Canada étaient merveilleux du début à la fin. Avec un profésseur comme monsieur Ferhet je suis devenu un conducteur professionnel etc…  

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Couture

Allo, J’ai entandu de Trans-Canada par un amis. Il m’avait dit que je ne regretterai pas joindre Trans-Canada. Il avait absolument raison. Je n’est pas regretté mais adoré tous mon temps que j’ai passé pratiquer la conduite avec les professeurs à Trans-Canada. Ils sont très gentile et aide beaucoup les élève pendant les cours, et grâce à eux que j’ai passé mon examen la première fois. Je dirai que c’est la seule place pour la conduite. Je veux remercier mes professeurs et tous le monde à Trans-Canada.  

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Anastasia

Nov. 22 2008 From the first minute my experience with the school has been incredible. I called to schedule an appointment and the manager accommodated me for the hours I was looking for. In addition, I was asking to have the best instructor to teach me as I needed to learn how to drive a manual car very quickly. The school did exactly this – gave me the best teacher possible – not only I learned how to drive manual transmission but I also improved my already exciting skills. What I appreciated most was that the instructor accomodated me to give a two hour lesson on his day off – this gesture to me was worth more than any money. Speaking of money the school charged me a very reasonable rate and honestly I was willing to pay a lot more for the service I got. Thank you very much for an execptional experience.  

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Bob

I would like to thank the staff at Trans-Canada Driving Institute for their professionalism. After having driven trucks  in my home country for several years, Trans-Canada perfected the art of driving with the simplest of methods and  techniques. Up shifting and down shifting is simplified, turning techniques and general handling of the truck are  perfected. Marvelous!

Ecole de Conduite MontrealMichael Taylor

In these days of economic uncertainty everyone is looking for value. Transcanada gives you that value. The skills you are taught will serve you well the rest of you driving career. I was especially impressed by the ability of my instructor, MR. Ferhet, to instruct painlessly and productively. If you are worried about shifting, backup or anything else, transcanada is where you should be. They will give you the necessary instruction and guidance that combined with your effort will lead you success. Good habits are the key to all success.  

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Etienne Belanger

I believed my course to be amazing. No problems. Trans-Canada gave me excellent techniques for parking and even better ones for driving on the road. The teachers are great, very polite and nice, highly understanding. It’s a great driving institute.  

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Jon

– Avant j’ai etudie dans un autre ecole de conduite, mais a cause de incapasiter profesionele de instructeure alor j’ay  abandone sa.Quand j’ai commence etudier dans l’ecole Trans-Canada Driving Institute, j’ai compre que j’ai trouve la  solution efective et j’ai reusi tres bien.Trans-Canada est plus bonne ecole de conduite, avec un instructeure tres  educes, competent if, fonceure et amable avec, en nouveau camion ou tu peu prendre beaucoup de connaisance  tourniquet et pratique. Si vous voulez devenir un bon shoffeure de class 1,2,3,4,5 Trans-Canada ce la bonne solution, sa coute moins chere  que tout les s’ecole de conduite mais avec une tres grands efucancite.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Julia Mills

Hello, My name is Julia, I came across Trans-Canada by walking on the street. I was looking for a driving school to attend.  The staff welcomed me with open arms. The car was in perfect condition and my teachers were great. I just want to  thank the Trans-Canada staff and wish them all the best in the near future.

Ecole de COnduite Montreal Ralea Mihail

I found out about Trans-Canada Driving Institute from a friend. All I can say is if you want to be a professional, you  have to learn from professionals.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Rami Abdel Meguid

Hello, I would like to thank you sincerely for the kindness and great spirit you reflected during my course at Trans  Canada driving institute. I appreciated your professionalism, great techniques and skills. You made me feel  comfortable yet confident, and i successfully passed my driving exam! Sincerely, Rami Abdel Meguid www.transportram.com  

Ecole de COnduite Montreal Alexandre

Je remerci Mr.Ferhet Chaudary il a ete mon proff, pendant 12 hrs mon lessons practick. J’ai reussi de la premier fois avec tect de la route. Avec  technique de cet ecole, vous pouvez reussir, de la premier fois passe le test. Alexandre

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Jovan Brown

I passed my exam the first time thanks to the training I got at Trans-Canada. The stress free and relaxed environment  motivated me to believe that I can do my best and pass the exam. The cars are new and comfortable and the  instructors are patient and encouraging telling you not to be afraid on intimidated by other drivers. I can truly say that  Trans-Canada is the best driving institute there is. Forget the rest, try the best, try Trans-Canada.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Mario Todorov

Hello, my name is Mario Todorov I began my class studies 1 in another school to become a driver. I found it in the yellow pages. I thought it is a serious  school because it was more expensive than the other schools. I went to an exam of practice but I didn’t pass it  because I was not prepared well. I had a bad technique of switching the speed and my parking was horrible. I was informed that the next exam will take place one month later. I phoned every week to have additional courses but they were always telling me that there are no more of them. The day of the exam, I was surprised to know that I didn’t have an exam at all in SAAQ. Then I discovered in a Russian newspaper this announcement of driving courses by the Trans-Canada business. I phoned and asked to take appointment for an exam as well as the driving courses. In 5 hours only, I passed my exam of practice and I learned how to park well the truck. I am very happy about what your school offered to me and I cordially thank you for the great teaching as well as your good attitude towards me as a client. Thank you !

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Jyoti Abrol

Hello, my name is Jyoti Abrol It was in late 2006 that I first took my road test for Class-5, I was confident, but somewhere deep within there was a  fear, “lack of experience “ on Canadian Roads. I took the test and the examiner failed me, the remarks were, “you drive very well, but you need more experience on the roads “. I was disappointed, at least he could have given the  license, and I would have practiced anyway. I was guided to take classes from park area, very economical, 7-10  dollars, 12-15 dollars per hour. My Grandfather told me that “a dish will be as sweet as the amount of sugar you put in it”. I use to get down at Du-College metro on my way back to home and I use to see the office of Trans-Canada driving Institute. I decided to take a look. I met Mr. Ferhet and after having a small chat with me he agreed saying that he would be pleased to take me an s a student. We initially agreed to 4-5 classes as per need and I started with one hour class in the evenings. After just the third class he asked me to take the exam again, when I showed signs of doubt, he re-assured me saying that he is confident. We met at the examination center and he gave me the keys to the car and left. The exam is over… The examiner, “Who is your teacher, from where did you take classes??” I showed him the car and gave him the name of Mr. Ferhet, The examiner, “Excellent, you have scored 97.4 %, I would like to meet your teacher “I was overwhelmed, I was so proud to have got a teacher who commanded such respect. I was also proud that I was able to maintain the high standards of commitment and the excellence of results which this institute was producing.Class-1 – Heavy Truck Driving license Needless to say, I chose the same institute for reasons mentioned above. I was not surprised to see many students from other truck driving institutes who were present in the theory class. I was again blessed by my GURU and God and I was able to clear the written the very first time (with about 4 hour of joint session and 2 hours of computer practice) It is not the name of the institute or the advertisement or the cost, The Quality and commitment with which the True instructor gives all his knowledge skills is what gets the results. The dedication and commitment, the pains which Mr. Ferhet takes leaves no doubt that he is the best teacher and no words, but the excellence of results in itself silently proves that it is a wise decision for those who first see whether they want a sweet dish with sweetness or without it.  

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Marie-Lyne Lapointe

Montreal, July 6th, 07 Trans-Canada Driving Institute is a great driving institute. The teachers are nice and always on time. I have a great  feeling of accomplishment.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Maxime

I’ve a great time in the company of the people at Trans-Canada. I would like to thank Trans-Canada for the great  experience that I have gotten from it, and I would also wanted to thank my teacher; Mr.Fred for the patience he had  towards me and the professionalism he taught me with. I am very proud to have studied at Trans-Canada Driving  Institute.   Ecole de Conduite MontrealBaker I’m pleased to come to Trans-Canada Driving Institute. They have good teaching technic and above all new truck that everybody will enjoy driving. I spent 36 hours in an other school but in 12 at Trans-Canada I learnt soo much more as compared to the other school. Thank you Trans-Canada  

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Lea

Trans-Canada Driving Institute was an excellent driving institute. It learnt the best techniques to be the best driver I  can be. All my lessons were always on time and I enjoyed all of them. Thank you Trans-Canada

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Krasi

The school its very good same as the instructors. I really recommend it. I came to Trans-Canada with a reference from a friend. The teacher is very friendly, the technics he thought me led  me to a driving licence that I took for the first time. Incredible. Very nice truck, very very good teacher unbeatable  combination. Highly recommended.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Laurance Martel

Durant ces douze cours de conduite a L’Institut De Conduite Trans-Canada, j’ai beaucoup appris sur la route. Cela ma  permis d’ameliorer ma conduite et j’en suis tres reconnaissante. Je recommande cet ecole a tout le monde. Merci

Ecole de conduite Montreal Roghelio

In my lesson for driving at Trans-Canada. I felt very comfortable with my teacher Ferhet was a very good teacher and  I have had a great experience to go for the first time in the road with him. Thanks a lot, and good luck

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Madina Khalid

How I feel about Trans-Canada. First of all I must confess that Trans-Canada is one of the best driving schools and as  such every student, I mean learner should start with them. If you want the best tuition consult them for excellent  results in the end! I took only 6 hours with them and I was really satisfied and well thought. I got the best techniques  as well. As compared to the lessons I had earlier, theirs is the best. Be rest assured, careful, and pay attention to the  rules and techniques and you can pass with Trans-Canada. For excellent and best tuition, good services, good and  best tuition, good service, consult Trans-Canada right away.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Samara Grand

I personally found Trans-Canada the best in teaching how to drive a car. The techniques I learned are techniques I  can use everyday and it was so easy to learn with the greatly maintained car and very warm office. Everything I know  about driving I thank Trans-Canada for.

Ecole de COnduite Montreal Tawanda

I found out about Trans-Canada from the truck. Being one of the students, I managed to learn all the driving  techniques for the trucks. When I started I was thinking driving a truck was impossible, but the instructor managed to  identify my strengths and weaknesses and was able to get me the right techniques to suit my ability. Now I am a  highly confident truck operator, ready to get a job with no problem and able to refer friends and relatives to Trans- Canada with no doubt.

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Glen

After attending Trans-Canada Driving School, I was very satisfied with everything. Good communication skills,  excellent techniques, always on time. I’ve learn a lot of new techniques which I will put into practice. If I have to  recommend anyone for driving, Trans-Canada will be number one. Thanks,

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Gali Toledano

Trans-Canada provides a wonderful and sage environment for students to learn correct techniques. Instructors are  experienced at building up confidence. High recommended!!!

Ecole de COnduite MontrealIrakli Gudadze

Hi, I failed my first road test – after 20 hrs. of practice at a different driving school my back up was horrible, down  shifting – below the average that’s why it didn’t surprise me at all. Then I took 12 hrs. of practical lessons at Trans-  Canada. At the very first lesson I realized the difference – high professionalism, patience and high responsibility  along with advanced, comprehensible and very efficient technique which the teacher applies to each student. The  result – I successfully passed my second road test with high mark of 86%, as examiner stated – back up parking was perfect – he asked how many hrs. I practiced and then said: Trans-Canada is a good school. The examiner which conducted my previous test who I accidentally met in the hall asked me about the result, which school I’m with and then praised Trans-Canada as well – their students mostly come well prepared – that’s what he said. I would strongly suggest all my relatives, friends or acquaintances whoever decides to join the trucking industry go for practice to Trans-Canada in order to increase their chances to pass the road test from the first trial. Best regards and good luck

Ecole de Conduite Montreal Lachapelle

Merci beaucoup à Fred et son equipe pour les conseils judicieux et sa facon de nous enseigner. Fred le professeur sait nous mettre en confiance et c`est une grande qualité pour que l`on puisse avancer dans cet apprentissage. J`ai réussi du premier coup et c`est en parti grace à lui, merci encore et je recommande à tous la compagnie Trans-Canada.