Trans-Canada Driving School St-Laurent Montreal

SAAQ Trans-Canada Is Certified Driving School in St Laurent Montreal


If you are looking for a professional driving school to learn to drive, then option is Trans-Canada Driving School.

This is a driving school that has been involved for years in the excellence of training for the following driving licenses

Car Driving Course Class 5  , Bus Driving Course Class 2 , Truck Driving Cours Class 3 , Truck Driving Course Class 1.

Truck Driving Course Class 1

 Bus Driving Course Class 2

 Truck Driver Course Class 3



Car Driving Course Class 5

The Trans-Canada School-of-Driving Group also offers updated or upgraded driving  courses.

The Trans-Canada Driving School has never failed in its task of providing quality training to its students for the success of the above-mentioned driver’s licenses.

Our vehicle training approaches are simple, practical and adaptable to each driver’s license applicant.

Our planning for driving courses is also adaptable according to your schedule.

Our efficiency comes from many years of experience in driving our instructors, but also in training in different driving techniques.

For driving practice, Trans-Canada provides driving vehicles that meet all road safety standards.

Our renowned profile:

At Trans-Canada you benefit from special attention during regular driving classes or truck driving class 1 driving classes for heavy vehicles. Our promises for practical driving courses have never been in vain.

Choosing the Trans-Canada driving school means opting for your success in the theoretical and practical driving license exams of your choice. Our students never regret having chosen us and recommend us as one of the best driving schools of the place. We try, in any case, to maintain this reputation without ever losing it.

To pass your driving test with the Société de  l ‘assurance Automobile du Québec SAAQ  within the timeframes of your schedule, the Trans-Canada driving school must be your first choice, because your complete driver’s license satisfaction is our guarantee of success as a driving school.

Please see some  of our students’ testimonials on  the different driving licenses for the Trans-Canada Driving School.

To contact us, please call the Trans-Canada Driving School at:

Trans Canada Driving school Ville St-Laurent: 514-747-1234

Trans Canada Driving school Montreal West Mount: 514-747-1007